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Mary Lynn Baxter Um autêntico texano

Mary Lynn Baxter Quando quiseres...

Mary Lynn Baxter O melhor da sua vida

Mary Lynn Baxter Completamente opostos

Mary Lynn Baxter Completamente opuestos

Mary Lynn Baxter Un amor muy especial

Mary Baxter Lynn In Hot Water

Married with a young son, Maci Malone Ramsey has a stable and secure life…until her husband, a prominent physician, is arrested in connection with the death of one of his patients. The case against Dr. Seymour Ramsey appears cut-and-dried–especially when Maci learns of her husband's prescription drug habit. In desperation, the couple calls in Seymour's estranged son, Holt, a brilliant attorney. Although Holt loathes his father, he agrees to meet with them–and Maci's world explodes.Two years ago,Maci and Holt shared a night of unforgettable passion in paradise, never learning each other's real name, never planning to see one another again. Now they are walking a tightrope of raw, dizzying emotion, devastating secrets and divided loyalties–with Maci's future on the line.

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Mary Baxter Lynn Sultry

Hot as a Summer NightSince her mother's tragic suicide, Lindsay Newman has watched her wealthy Mississippi family spin out of control. Tired of being a pawn in men's games, Lindsay is determined to become a revel in her own life–and Mitch Rawlins ignites that first white-hot spark. Tanned, shirtless and all-male, he's dangerous, defiant and oh, so tempting….Reckless as Forbidden LoveMitch won't deny his hunger for Lindsay, but the Newmans' new groundskeeper isn't interested in playing games with a spoiled little rich girl. Lindsay's world is the last thing he wants…yet he wants Lindsay herself more than anything. Something sad and vulnerable in Lindsay's golden eyes invites him to reach out and risk his own heart. But, like everyone else in the Newman household, he's got something to hide. Something that could tear Lindsay away from him forever.

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Mary Lynn Bracht Biała chryzantema

Mary Lynn Bracht White Chrysanthemum

Mary Baxter Lynn Totally Texan

UNTAMABLE TEXAN Successful Grant Wilcox was used to getting what he wanted. And what he wanted was Kelly Baker, the beautiful stranger passing through. It was just his luck that the gorgeous newcomer was also a whip-smart lawyer – just the sort to get a good ol' Texan businessman like himself out of a tough situation.Soon their all-business relationship turned into a white-hot affair, leaving Grant to wonder if Kelly's entry into his life was going to cause more trouble than any woman was worth.

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Mary Baxter Lynn Tight-Fittin' Jeans

MR. MARCHThe Stubborn Cowboy:Garth Dixon had no hankerin' for a wife, but the blond vixen next door had him scheming for a chance at a no-strings fling… . The Southern Beauty: No way was Tiffany Russell giving in to her hot-tempered, secretive neighbor – even if his smoldering good looks set her body on fire! There was no doubt that the latest female to hit Pennington, Utah, was trouble, but Garth never could resist a challenge – especially one in tight jeans.Since the cowgirl from Texas clearly seemed set on ignoring her neighbor, he knew it was up to him to show her the meaning of passion-filled nights… .MAN OF THE MONTH: Could this rough-edged cowboy end up getting roped and tied by love?

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Lynn Harris Raye Spanish Magnate, Red-Hot Revenge

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Brandi Lynn Ryder In Malice, Quite Close (Unabridged)

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Lily Baxter In Love and War

Lynn Flewelling Luck in the Shadows

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Janice Lynn The Doctor's Damsel in Distress


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